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Mikey's Dog Treats

Fish Cubes - 50g

Fish Cubes - 50g

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Fish Cubes – A yummy crunchy snack - Perfect for sensitive tummies

Made from 100% white fish skins, these fish cube treats for dogs provide a low fat, low calorie, tasty treat and will help to promote the health and well being of your dog.

Dried fish skins are perfect for your dog's teeth. The rough texture of the fish scales helps to remove tartar from your dog’s teeth. The cubes are easily digested and ideal for all types of diet including raw fed dogs. 

The fish skin treats are sourced from sustainable fishing grounds, and are cut and folded individually by hand before being carefully and slowly air dried. 

Each pack contains 50g of fish cubes. 

Sourced in the UK. 

Feeding Guide: Ensure fresh water is always available.

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