About Us

Mikey's Dog Treats is a small family run natural dog treat business, based near Wimborne, Dorset. 

The business was born from our love of our own four legged best friends, of which we have had many over the years. Like all devoted dog owners we want to give our dogs the best possible chance of a long and happy life and a key part of that is the right nutrition. 

Having tried many different types of treats over the years we discovered the benefits of 100% air dried dog treats. Having had all the moisture dried out, what is left is nutrient and protein dense. Being all natural, with no additives and minimal processing, and also a single source protein, they are less likely to trigger allergic reactions. They are great for oral health, digestion, skin and coat condition. As many of them are quite chewy, they also have a more calming effect than a treat which is quickly swallowed. The hairier air dried dog treats, such as rabbit ears, are also said to be natural dewormers. 

Of course that's not all we sell... take a browse of our shop and see what else we have to offer (coming soon!)

We are not just passionate about dogs. We are passionate about customer service too! With over 25 years experience in the online retail space, we know the importance of delivering not only a great product, but great service too. This means delivering what we say, when we say and in a friendly and professional manner. This particular venture is still in it's early days, but if you want to see the sort of people you are dealing with, check out the reviews of one of our existing (albeit unrelated) businesses here.